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Joinery & Furniture Factory

Founded in 1984 we have grown into one of the leading shop fitters. Based near Sharjah, Dubai, UAE in our own 40,000 sq/ft manufacturing factory we can boast of an award winning design team that has valued Management, well versed designers. Our own production and installation team have a wealth of experience in producing quality workmanship and on-time installations from an individual unit to any large retail premises.

Our team works closely independently from small to large retail and leisure environments and National Retailers, Villas, Restaurants, Hotels and Shopping malls. We pride ourselves on our personal service and deliver of individual solutions which suit our clients’ needs perfectly.

Delivery of units and solutions is just the start of our aftercare service, we guarantee on all our work for at least12 months and our dedicated team is always at hand to advise on how to get the most out of the installation.

In all we custom fixtures and furnishings built on a legacy of innovation, craftsmanship and quality.




Paint Facilities

First, the units which are generally made of MDF undergo surface preparation and pre-paint treatment. This preparation involves thorough sanding and wipes cleaning. The pre-paint processes provide improved paint adhesion and protection.

After the prime coat application, the base coat and the clear coat paints are applied on the unit. The base coat is the paint that provides the color for the unit. The clear coat is the topcoat that adds luster and hardness to the paint finish. To prevent paint hold up on the spray gun tips each paint delivery hose and spray gun are purged with solvent between each change in color.

The Different paints that we are using here are Polyurethane paint and NC Paint. We are using wooden primer also.