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Project Management

The project Management team of has the expertise to manage any projects from start to finish. It describes every step in the project life cycle in depth, so that the client is cognizant exactly the process in its detail as to what comes next, when and how. Whether an expert or a novice, it helps to complete a project faster than before. The methodology adopted by the team maneuvers the projects towards right direction and keeps them on track. In this way, the team works as a leader and a guide in all projects from inception to completion.
To carry out these impressive projects our team spends great and considerable time in:

  • Full site surveys, space planning
  • Fixture Inventory and Area planning
  • Constant client and Architect consultation
  • Procurement planning
  • Formation of quality control groups
  • Job organization charts, Work break down analysisetc
  • Health & safety planning
  • Fully qualified work force